Meet The Crew: Reginald


Meet Reginald. He hasn’t always lived on a spaceship. In fact, in the distant past, he was one of the most promising apprentices at the Butler’s Academy of Excellence on Soren IV. Destined for a life of elegant uniforms and gentle chastisement, Reginald was about as far away from the life of a mercenary you could get without being dead.

Completing his training as a butler with distinction, Reginald graduated into the service of Lucas Colren, a young nobleman with a penchant for mischievous antics. The two quickly became friends, as the calm and level-headed butler proved an efficient deterrent to some of Lucas’ more outrageous schemes, whilst aiding and abetting where he saw fit to humour his employer.

However, this life was not to last, as after several years of service, Soren IV was raided by a sizeable fleet of Marauders led by a certain ‘King Blackheart’. Much of the planet was destroyed; its population slaughtered. Reginald, however, was spared for his skills as a butler and taken aboard the Marauder’s flagship to serve their King.

Life aboard the Marauder vessel was a far cry from his ordered, tidy life on Soren IV – law and order was barely maintained, and whilst his position as a servant of Blackheart protected him from much of their depravity, he could never feel completely safe. Ambitious marauders would often try to use him as a way to get at his master, often threatening to kill him if the King wouldn’t accede to their demands. King Blackheart never showed any interest in agreeing, and so it was up to Reginald to find his way out of those situations, his training as a butler putting him in a surprisingly good stead in navigating the Machiavellian politics of life as a space pirate.

Just as he was beginning to settle into this new life, and was starting to make ‘friends’ amongst the rampaging pirates, his world was thrown back into the proverbial blender when the Admiralty caught King Blackheart’s conglomeration of ships with a fleet of their own. Whilst the Alliance was unable to completely destroy the Marauder fleet in battle, many of the disparate ships scattered and fled the battle on their own, returning to their own petty brigandage.

The flagship, though was surrounded by the Admiralty’s ships, and stormed by their soldiers, with King Blackheart taken captive and executed for his myriad crimes. Reginald was found in the galley, unsure of his fate, by the crew of an auxiliary ship that had been attached to the Alliance fleet for this engagement. That crew, tired of eating tinned meat and beans, took Reginald back to their ship, and introduced him to its Captain…