Meet The Crew: Melissa

Melisaa Meet Melissa. In her time aboard Lola’s Revenge, Melissa has built up quite the legend around her past. Her unwillingness to divulge even the smallest of details about her past has infuriated and intrigued her fellow crew members to no end – almost as much as her complete disregard for any strategy in battle beyond ‘aim at the nearest enemy and press all the buttons that discharge weapons’. That being said, her aim is certainly remarkable and the Captain has been able to take most of the strategy out of her hands by delegating the loading of the ship’s torpedoes to the engineering bay.

Melissa was found in the brig of a bandit ship that Lola’s Revenge was targeting for a bounty mission. She refused to tell anyone why she had been imprisoned there or where she had come from, but implied that she had been there for a while. The bandits had kept her fed and unharmed, but it was clear that her period in captivity had gotten to her on some level.

Melissa agreed to perform small tasks on Lola’s Revenge until it docked at its next port in payment for her rescue – during this time she made friends with the crew, and began to feel like she belonged aboard the ship. Still, when the ship made its berth on the larger moon of Mersen IX, she departed as agreed, setting off to find new work.

A job as a security guard for one of Mersen IX’s many enterprises provided adequate, if not entirely satisfying work for her, but greater opportunity came quickly as a trade ship came into the docks after a few months, looking for a head of security. As a mostly civilian ship, this role essentially came down to manning the gun if it ever got into a fight – a job that Melissa was all too keen to do.

Whilst life aboard the merchant ship was not terribly exciting for the action-craving Melissa, it kept her doing something she loved until another opportunity came up, albeit one tinged with some sadness. The weapons expert aboard Lola’s Revenge had been killed in action by an errant torpedo, and the Captain was looking for a replacement.

With her previous service aboard Lola’s Revenge and the ability she demonstrated whilst with the merchant vessel, she was easily selected as the best candidate for the job, taking up the role of Weapons Master aboard the much more combat oriented Lola’s Revenge. Truly, bandits across the known Galaxy shook with fear that day.