Meet the Crew: Hannah

Hannah Meet Hannah. Hannah was born on Earth, the Alliance home world, as the firstborn daughter of a family of lawyers. As her parents expected, she excelled in her schoolwork, graduating at the top of her class and attending a law school in the capital. Whilst she found the workload of university surprisingly easy, she always thought that perhaps this life wasn’t for her – she had little interest in much of her work, and became a little resentful toward her parents for forcing her down this path.

In an attempt to have even a little excitement in her life, she became a criminal defence lawyer, representing the most disturbed and dangerous elements of society. Her parents and colleagues didn’t really approve of this choice, but they respected her determination to find the truth and to accept whatever case was put before her.

Representing criminals in the courts of law, though, had its risks – both from the law itself, worried that perhaps Hannah was over-stepping her legal boundaries and assisting the criminal elements a little too much, and from the various gangs and criminal organisations that she represented.

One day, after failing to secure the release of the boss of a particularly formidable gang, she was kidnapped by his underlings upon leaving the court, and taken to their hideout, bound and gagged. She was kept prisoner there for several weeks, before the gang released her on the condition that she would work to get their leader freed, under threat of finding her again if she failed in her task.

Scared for her life, Hannah turned to the Capital Police, but her career had done little to endear her to them, and they refused to offer her any protection, suggesting that she brought this upon herself. Frightened and alone, Hannah turned to the Admiralty for protection, using her impressive legal history to get an administrative position aboard HMSS Fortitude, one of the Admiralty’s cruisers.

Whilst she missed her home, the Fortitude was far from the influence of any of the gangs from the capital. She found herself in an environment where her intelligence was rare and valued, quickly rising through the ranks to reach lieutenant, and was placed in charge of communications.

Aboard the Fortitude, Hannah finally found likeminded individuals with which she became friends. A sergeant who had served with the military for a number of years and a young apprentice, who despite his rather substantial fear of combat, was desperate to become a fighter pilot. The three of them quickly developed a close bond, despite their vastly different backgrounds.

For the first time in years, Hannah was truly enjoying her life, but it was not to last. After a couple of years, the Fortitude was decommissioned, the Admiralty citing a decrease in the need for internal defence following the Alliance initiative that had recently fortified the outer planets. Whilst the three friends could maintain their military commissions, they would have been separated and placed into service upon different ships. All of them decided to end their military service and try to find a commission they could all take part in.

Left on a forsaken, distant planet with only the sergeant’s inheritance and the fees from the occasional court case, the three friends were in desperate need for work. Enter one veteran Captain with a sudden need for a new crew. With the opportunity to adventure with her friends again, Hannah was fast to take him up on the offer. She now works as his Communications and Information Systems Specialist, or C.I.S.S, on board the mercenary vessel.