Dev Diary: Lifting off into the new year

Hello again, happy (somewhat late) new year to all of you! We've got a few things to report from the Engineering Bay.

We've managed to wrangle one Mo, and have been continuously adding in new art and UI assets throughout January. A quick run through of the changes:
New HUD We've removed the player health, stamina and cardinal directions from the top left window. That space is now being used to show the player the current status of their shields, whether they have any torpedos ready to fire and the current ship objective. So, having dealt with the raging fire it is now easy to remind yourself what your end goal actually is and whether or not you're about to be pummeled into the ground .... space I guess. However, we can't not tell you the players health and stamina, so we now show that with the 2 rings you can see around the engineer. The top ring represents the players health and the lower ring is their stamina.

New Zoomed Out

In earlier versions of the game it was quite easy to lose yourself when in the zoomed out map view. When you zoom out now, the engineer is replaced with an oversized icon. It was also very easy to lose your tools, and so we've installed all ship walls with universal tool carriers. As long as you tidy up after yourself, you'll never be without your spanner again!

Shield Rebooting Sequence

We've removed the old button mashing shield reboot sequence. It was quite fun initially but in longer games it could get quite tiring. In the new system, the bar will slowly fill up by itself until it reaches the 'reboot' area, at which point it'll come back with the percentage of shield the meter reached. If the player manually intervenes, by holding down a button, the meter fills up faster and they can decide how much health (between 50%-100%) they want the system to come back with.

That's all the major changes we've been doing, the rest of the work has been a combination of bug fixing, balance, and preparing for the PC Gamer Weekender in March. We can report that the game is a lot more challenging than it was, but also more fun!

Thats everything for now, see you later space cowboy Starship Mechanics!