Dev Diary: Time Dilation at Relativistic Velocities

Today we have a fairly large update, lots of things have been happening and most of them good!

First things first, a big, if slightly late announcement. We're going to EGX later this month! We've been spending a lot of time preparing a new demo level to take with us. It's not the simplest of games, and its difficult to show everything in just 10 to 15 minutes so we've cut it down quite a lot to leave a lower barrier to enjoyment for new players. Don't worry though, all the complexity still exists, we're just not focussing on it in the demo.

The biggest change we've made to the game is how you wire up systems. We used to have these orange rectangle things that identified where power was recieved or sent from on a system. Once upon a time we thought it was really important that systems could only send and recieve power from these defined points. No idea why we thought that, so now any edge of a system is a viable wireable location.

Crowbar In Use Extinguisher In Use The art overhaul is also coming along nicely. Emily, who we hired to do most of our sprites has sent us all the work she has done for us so now we just need to incorporate them into the game.
Player Ship

We've also nearly finished the UI redesign. All the systems have the key elements done, it'll take us a few days to take them in their current form and get the various elements separated out so that they can be used in game. Which sounds a lot like the art overhaul is nearly done, and it is! Although, with EGX being less than 2 weeks away, we are cutting it a bit close!

New Weapons System

Lastly, we've also started work on getting saving and loading in to the game. A much larger job than I'd originally anticipated, and to be honest I'm still getting my head around the amount of state that I need to store! Progress has been hampered somewhat by preparing for EGX which is our main priority, so once that's out of the way I will be working on saving and loading again full time.