Dev Diary: The Season of Expos

Welcome back to your almost regular update on what we've been up to! It's been a busy few weeks for us, what with the PC Gamer weekender having been two weeks ago and Rezzed happening three weeks from now.

So, first off, the PC Gamer Weekender post-mortem. It was great to have so many people come and play the game, and we really enjoyed talking to everyone about it too! There was lots of great feedback, which we've been slowly sifting through to try and work out how to integrate it into the game. We'd also like to thank everyone who saw the game at the show then went to support us on our greenlight page!

We've spent some time mending relationships with friends and family for deserting them during the build up to PC Gamer, but the preparations for Rezzed are now underway. We don't have as much to do as for PC Gamer, as we already have a demo in place, so most of the work is using the feedback we got to polish it up and fix the few bugs we uncovered.

New Shield View

In terms of things not entirely related to some kind of show, there are some new things to report. The bay is now sounding a lot livelier, with many more sounds having been added for different things. The sensors and weapons have both received an upgrade. When in the sensors you can now scan an enemy ship to see what equipment they're carrying, and the weapons view will show you the same view for the enemy that system is targeting.