Dev Diary: On a Mission to Make Missions

Somehow, another two weeks have passed. I'm fairly certain that we'll one day discover the super villain whose been siphoning off time. In the mean time, here's an update on how things have been going.

Since we last updated, the focus has been on actually designing the missions for endless mode. Turns out, we'd done less work so far on them than I realised which left us quite a lot to do. The main progression so far has been to break down the missions that constitute endless mode into a series of semi random objectives, where progression through the mission is partially dependent on how well the player is doing. For instance, the crew might be involved in some bounty hunting and are on their way to see an informant to get information on their targets location. If they take too long the informant might have disapeared, either voluntarily or by force, forcing the ship to search the area for some sign of the informant or enemy activity.

Time has also been spent on getting rid of various small bugs and making tweaks to gameplay. When playing with keyboard and mouse, the player always faces towards the pointer. Initially, the player faced where they were moving unless using or interacting with something. The communications system now has a button to enter and exit tuning mode. This is to prevent the player accidentally detuning the system, which was a particularly big issue with keyboard and mouse.

Thats pretty much all this time, back to the sweat shop office again for us!