Dev Diary: Learning from EGX

Sorry for the long delay in posts. We all spent a lot of time working on the game in the buildup to EGX, which left us a lot of real life things to attend to once it was all over.

Obligatory EGX post mortem

As many of you know, for the last weekend of September we went to EGX to show people the current state of the game. We got a lot of positive feedback, and also met lots of awesome people! Between us we came back with pages and pages of changes and fixes we want to make, which we've since been working through slowly. Compared to the feedback from Rezzed, these changes are much more minor. A lot of small gameplay tweaks and some visuals that need to be tweaked.

The biggest problem we have is that we still haven't quite nailed how to have the game teach itself to the player. We were a lot closer than our attempt at Rezzed, but we still have a few elements that are introduced poorly and confused players.

We also decided, after we've got the build cleaned up a bit, to do a public release of the EGX Build available to download from the website. So for those of you who couldn't make it to see us at EGX, you'll (eventually) be able to see what you missed out on!

The Post EGX Landscape

Since EGX we've made 2 major improvements. The first is that keyboard controls are back in. After the UI overhaul the game was briefly unplayable with keyboard and mouse, but thats now been rectified. The visual aids also now update to give the correct visual prompts based on the control scheme (assuming your control scheme is either the default keyboard layout or an Xbox 360 controller).

Lit Bay

The second, based on some feedback we recieved from EGX, was adding dynamic lighting to the game. This has helped make the game look less flat, which was something that was really bothering us. It also opens up several new options for how to highlight things. The most obvious example is to make fires work as a light source. We also now use the overhead lighting to visually indicate various alarms, fire, low ship health, low oxygen etc.

Highlighted System

Thats all for now! We'll try and be more ... consistent with updates going forward (one day, we won't make this promise as part of a blog post).