Dev Diary: Full Power To Rezzed

Some of you may know this already, particularly our twitter followers, we're going to Rezzed next week! For those who follow the blog, this is why its been left unloved and deserted. All of us here have been super busy trying to make sure that we have something decent to show you all next week. So, you'll be glad to hear that much progress has been made!

First off, between now and the last blog post the game actually became a game. It is now possible to actually play the whole first level. We've still got polishing and balancing to do before Rezzed on Thursday, but we will at least have something to actually show you all! This means that all the systems are in and functional, the level logic is in place, orders are given and can be completed, and enemies will be vanquished.

Most of the game art is now final. All of the systems are now using the new style interfaces, and aren't actually dev art. Which is lucky, because the dev art would not make a great first impression! In order to help with other elements, we brought in another artist, the energetic and exuberant Ben Reid. They've already given us an awesome looking engineer, and some pretty fantastic pieces of equipment for them to wield. On top of that, he also upgraded our fire sprite. A mere 110 (ish) frames of deadly fire, which dances majestically while it destroys everything you've worked for.

Lastly, our Project Commander has been working hard on bringing the sounds of space from the universe and into our game. Players of our prototype will recognise the background music, but aside from that its all new and shiny (if shiny is a property applicable to sounds).

Thanks for bearing with us, and for those who can come we look forward to seeing you next week! Don't forget to check in tomorrow to meet the next crew member!