Dev Diary: Fabricators & Fabrication

Well, this is an embarrassing start. I thought I'd been keeping everyone in the loop, but when I logged on today I discovered that the blog post I wrote 2 weeks ago is still marked as draft. On the other hand, it gives me a lot more to tell you about than I would've had otherwise!

Those who met us at Rezzed would probably have had to listen to us explain to you this fancy idea of a Fabricator, that would let you build new things for your ship. That now exists, and is functioning, although at the moment the list of buildables is somewhat limited.


The monstrosity above brought to you by injecting dev art into perfectly good actual art.

For those who haven't had to listen to us ramble on about it, the fabricator is a system that is designed to give you more customisation options in your engineering bay. For instance, you can keep install an extra 3 or 4 weapons systems if you want to be more armed than your average Texan. Or, if thats not your thing, equip each side of your ship with multiple shields and go full turtle. You can also build systems that help you manage the power in your ship. Building stuff consumes scrap, a resource that the player obtains by taking down enemy ships or as a reward from doing certain missions.

There are at the moment three different power control systems that you'll be able to utilise. The first is the switch, which allows the player to quickly stop power passing or let it pass. For instance, initial layouts will include switches for controlling power to systems. The next power controller is the Junction Box. This allows the player a greater level of control over where power is sent. Lastly, there is the Power Storage Unit (PSU). This allows you to store a large quanitity of power, usually to be used in emergency situations such as the generator failing or needing to very quickly recharge shields.

To go along side these systems, we have a new item. The screwdriver will be able to uninstall removable systems or power controllers. This allows you to decide at a later point, that actually you'd rather have your extra shield system to your stern rather than on port. However, don't blame us if you no longer have any starboard shields!

For the next few weeks we'll be working on the upgrade and repairs system, so that you can also spend scrap on repairing the ship or improving the rate your shields heal.

Thats the latest from us, I will now return to the cave of coding until next time (which I'll endeavour to make less than a month... maybe)!