Dev Diary: Damage Reporting

We don't have the biggest update this week, just a quick update to let you know what we've been doing along with some minor announcements!

Groundwork For A Community

We've been spending some time putting together a subreddit for Starship Mechanic. We'll be linking all our blog posts to it, and it'll make it easier to communicate with and keep in touch with everyone.

As well as a subreddit, we've started working on a wiki. We'll be keeping this up to date with the latest version of the game mechanics. At the moment, it is still work in progress but it should be ready in time for the release of the public demo.

Speaking of which...

The Demo

Yeah, we've been dragging our asses on this. In terms of code, its pretty much ready. Unfortunately life has been continuing to interrupt our efforts to get art assets done, but we're hopeful to have them ready sooner rather than later. I'd love to give an ETA, but we're struggling to find time for those of us in full time work to contribute at all at the moment.

Mechanics and Code

The biggest change in the last two weeks is that we've added a new mechanic to the game!

Hull Breach

Those ugly, damaged walls (due to aforementioned art limitations that is ugly ugly dev art made by a programmer) indicate that the ship has suffered a hull breach. This can happen when an enemy torpedo hits an unshielded player ship. While the breach is in effect the ship will gradually lose oxygen, the more breaches, the more oxygen that is lost.

So, how does an engineer go about fixing this terrible situation? In the heat of battle, a permanent fix might be out of the question. In that case, you can send more power to the life support. Try and get it to churn out more air than you lose. In the long run though, you'll have to hunt down the offending breach and take a wrench to it to reseal the ship.

Speaking of breaking things, all systems are now breakable in some manner. Initially, we decided to make a few critical systems invincible. In early prototypes certain systems breaking would mean instant game over, for instance losing the generator had such a drastic knock on effect on other systems that it was pretty much game breaking. However, making them invincible made those systems feel out of place in the current version of the game. Our solution was to let them break, but have
what happens when they break be less vicious. To take the example of the generator, instead of not producing any power when broken it instead produces power less efficiently. The player will still need to worry about keeping it maintained, but it won't completely ruin your day if it goes down.

Thats all this time! Please checkout the subreddit and the wiki, and we'll keep you posted!