Dev Diary: Greenlight, PC Gamer and Liberal Polishing

It is once more the time for us to update you on our progress. First off, we have two announcements to make!


Not green lights

The first is that we've made a page for the game on Steam Greenlight! If you've been following our progress, or would just like to see the game be on Steam, please vote for us! We're planning on releasing an early access version of the game in April, so hopefully we'll have been accepted on steam by then. At the same time we're releasing our first trailer, which you can watch here

Subliminal Messaging

Please consider our subtle suggestion

The next announcement is that we'll be exhibiting the latest demo of the game at PC Gamer Weekender on the 5th and 6th of March! If you're in London and want to come and see our game and the many other awesome things that'll be there you can get a ticket from here. We hope to see you there!

PC gamer

And lastly, the actual things we've been up to these last two weeks. There has been a fair amount of visual polish and prep work for PC Gamer. This includes a fancy new demo version of the game! We've started handing out copies to some closed beta participants (and/or close friends and family) who are helping us iron out the issues and bugs. We're hoping to be able to - when most of the issues are sorted out - distribute this to everyone.

New icony things

The tool wall

Thanks for bearing with us, and with any luck we'll be seeing some of you in a few weeks!