Dev Blog: Advanced Ship Construction

Sorry for the long hiatus. Most of the work the last few weeks has been in trying to make endless mode more balanced. Minor tweaks aren't hugely exciting to discuss!

Having said, there is one change we've just finished implementing on a code level that is at least mildly interesting. We've altered how enemy ships work to increase the variety in the various skirmishes throughout the game.

Previously, each class of ship would only have one type of weapon and certain special attacks could only be done by a specific class. For instance, the frigate would have a burst laser, a torpedo launcher, and a percent chance of having the chance to scramble the player communications. Now though, each ship has a number of weapon and module slots as defined by their ship class. This means that each ship should be a slightly different challenge to the player.

On the weapons side, we have 3 core types of weapon. Laser, torpedo and bomb. Laser weapons generally fire frequently for low damage, can cause fires if they get past the players shields, but are otherwise ineffective against the ships hull. Torpedo's fire very infrequently, do large chunks of damage to the player hull, but are unable to bypass shields. Lastly, there are bombs, which get teleportd onto your ship bypassing your shields. They don't do damage to the ship directly, but mess with your ship in someway giving you something awkward to deal with. Ofcourse there is a fair amount of variation within those categories, but we need to leave some things in the game to be discovered!

Ship modules come in a few different flavours. Single use, cooldown, and buff. Single use and cooldown modules tend to give the ship a special attack, like scrambling the player communications, or provide an infrequent buff like repairing their shields when they're on low hull health. Buffs either give a flat upgrade or penalty to the enmy ship.

Thats pretty much all for now, hopefully we'll have more to tell you soon (and maybe even some pretty pictures). Till then, have a good christmas!